About Us

PT. Prospektif Multi Karya provides remote site catering, housekeeping and laundry services. At Prospektif Multi Karya, we strive to professional management and efficient of food management operations that can be customized according to our client’s requirement. We are driven by our passion to be a first-class in our field and to uphold high standards of service and quality in all we do for our Clients.

Our determination to succeed is the driving force that ignites our passion to excel and obliterates all the obstacles in our path.
Our value list of clients spans a large cross-section of industries including fabrication plants, semiconductor plants, automotive plants, pharmaceutical plants, oil & gas companies, mining companies, construction companies and more.
Rest assured that process and controls are in place to uphold a consistent standard of quality and professionalism. Our dedicated Operations managers helm the performance and productivity at our facilities ensuring that every day is as good if not better than the day before.